Feet are as different and beautiful as faces

So I said to some of my nearest and dearest: “Can you send me a photo of your legs & feet to put on my website please?” and some (but not all!) obliged…
The plan is to show you photos of feet that aren’t ‘photo-shopped’. Feet are as different and beautiful as faces. Shame we need to keep them covered so they can’t tell their stories.
Looking forward to showing you some before and after stories of people who have allowed me the privilege of caring for their feet too

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Legs Matter Campaign

If you think I’m passionate about Legs and Feet, you need to visit the Legs Matter website via the link below! They have everything you need to know about identifying foot and leg problems in advance. Legs Matter is run and funded by like-minded Expert Clinicians, Professional groups and Corporate partners to join everything up from groin to toes with the same goal: The understand about, and reduce leg and foot problems. There are also stories shared by other amazing people who have had leg ulcers and foot problems. These fantastic folk show how living with a long-term condition can be managed practically.  If Jeremy Vine could talk about Legs and Feet on his BBC Radio 2 show, just think how many millions of GBP we could save our NHS by having fewer leg and foot problems in the first place?

legs matter

Lindsay Leg Club Model

This is a marvellous thing! Please visit the website via the link below. Lobby your local NHS if you must. Change is a-coming!
This is how leg care should be. Taking into account ALL the factors of a person’s life rather than the “thou shalt” approach foisted onto the ‘leg ulcer sufferer’ by some well meaning practitioners. Yes, compression is best for many people, but in order for a non-clinical person to understand about certain treatments, they need all the facts about it, including how and why, as well as peer support. Knowing you’re not the only person in the world going through any disease process can be life changing. When I grow up / locate a magic wand / see a shooting star to wish upon / understand how NHS commissioning works / learn to cartwheel through bureaucratic hoops, I’m going to start a Leg Club just like Ellie Lindsay OBE. But who knows? Hopefully someone else near you might start a Leg Club or already have a Leg Club running…