Nail cutting & filing for long nails 

Burring of thickened or curling nails (onychauxis or onychogryphosis)

Removal of corns (heloma)

Reduction of hard skin (callus)

Treatment of Tinea Pedis (fungal skin infection – “athlete’s foot”)

Treatment of Onychomycosis (fungal nails)

Treatment of Verrucae (viral skin infection)

This encompasses Standard Nail Care, Hard Skin Care and Other Foot Care needs you may have.



45-90 minutes treatment time


Nail cutting, burring and filing for long or thickened nails

If you have difficulty reaching your feet or cutting your toenails but have no other foot problems, then this is the package for you.



30-45 minutes treatment time


Removal or reduction of corns & callus

Pressure reduction strategies

Hard skin forms as a protective mechanism against too much pressure. Maybe a shoe rubs outside the skin, or a bone prominence presses skin structures from inside your foot. On certain places of the foot, hard skin develops into a sharp cone-shaped hard corn. These can be really sore and may change how you walk when trying to avoid the pain, giving rise to other mobility problems. If you can sort out your toenails but still have hard or sore skin, try this package.



45-60 minutes treatment time


Although these skin infections are classed as a minor nuisance, they can easily spread. Your skin and nails are designed to protect you, but occasionally they need a little help.

Treatment of Tinea Pedis (fungal skin infection – “athlete’s foot”)

Fungi love warm, moist environments to breed, so there’s nothing nicer than the perspiration from your poor hard working feet. Different types of antifungal treatments and preventative measures are available to help.

Treatment of Verrucae (plantar warts caused by viral infection)

A Verruca is a wart on the sole of the foot. Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is responsible for some types of wart including verrucae. As we’ve all become more aware, viruses can be spread in different ways, and affect different parts of the body. HPV is passed on by skin-to-skin, or skin-to-surface contact. This could be walking poolside after a swim, or sharing a towel to dry your feet with someone who might not know they have a verruca. HPV thickens the top layer of skin. Sometimes verrucae will clear up without treatment, but may need intervention if painful, spreading or you are somewhere you could pass the virus on to others.

Treatment of fungal nails (onychomycosis)

This is usually more unsightly than painful. The nail can become discoloured or crumbly. It can take a long time to clear, as sometimes the fungus needs to grow out with the nail. Sometimes the nail can be cut back to allow an antifungal preparation to be applied more effectively




Assessment of the general wellbeing of your arterial vessels and blood flow using hand-held doppler and manual blood pressure devices
Calculation of Ankle or Toe Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI or TBPI)
Exfoliation to remove any dead skin
Foot & leg wash, moisturiser
Measurement for compression garments if suitable
Removal & replacement of your own compression hosiery or wraps if required

This package encompasses holistic assessment to check your suitability for compression. If your arteries are well enough, you may want to try a compression garment to enable your lower limb venous and lymphatic return. Compression hosiery or leg wraps can help reduce legs aching, and also reduce swelling in legs and feet. Compression garments can also help reduce risk of leg ulceration and reduce healing time of current leg wounds.



90-120 minutes treatment time


Foot and Leg wash, moisturiser

Exfoliation to remove any dead skin

Removal and replacement of your own compression hosiery or wraps if required

If you have problems reaching your legs on a temporary or permanent basis why not treat yourself every so often to help keep your legs and feet the best they can be. This package is included in the Total Leg Care package



30-45 minutes treatment time


For compression hosiery or wraps
If you usually get your compression garment(s) on prescription, your GP surgery will need these measurements, whether for standard sizing or made-to-measure garments.
Compression garments can be quite expensive, depending on your requirement, so getting something correctly sized so it’s comfy, with the right compression and a style that you will really want to wear is important.
Advice about getting them on and off is also available…!!
It is useful know if to have had a previous ‘doppler’ assessment with nurse or doctor, or if you have previously had a leg ulcer.
Measurement of Legs is included in the Total Leg Care package.



(20-30 mins)


Follow-up for recently healed Leg or Foot wounds or “ulcers”
You’ve been discharged from Leg Ulcer Clinic – Woohooo! So now it’s all down to you to take care of your lower limb(s) by moisturising your skin, wearing compression and trying to minimise getting further wounds on your legs. This is called long-term condition management.
Sadly not everyone stays healed. Sometimes it can be difficult to do what the Leg Clinic Nurses have advised when you’re at home, and unfortunately you have to go back to the Leg Ulcer Clinic. This package is designed to look at why your skin has broken down again, and look at ways to help prevent another leg or foot wound.
We’ll go through the information your Leg Clinic Nurses have given you, looking at easier ways for you to safely carry out your own care at home. There are devices to get compression hosiery on and off, and different ways to wash, dry and apply cream to your legs and feet. We can try to establish things that may increase your risk of skin damage and look at ideas to keep you on track with your ongoing leg and foot health.



You may need more than one visit depending on your needs.


FIRST VISIT ONLY   There is no extra charge, but please allow up to 45 minutes extra to the time your treatment takes

General health assessment:

This gives me a good baseline of how I can help you. We look at your current health status, any relevant past medical history, medications, and your foot care needs. We can also look at any (achievable) self-help goals for you to aim for after my visit if you want to.

EVERY VISIT   Included in the price of each Care Package or Treatment

Basic neurovascular assessment of feet:

Your foot pulses, lower limb temperature and sensation are checked (I promise not to tickle!) This gives me an indication of how good the circulation and touch sensation is to your feet. This is particularly important if you have diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, and can occasionally highlight other problems before they get any worse.

Basic foot and leg skin assessment:

Your skin is fascinating, and you’ll be amazed at what it can tell about you! Understanding how your skin works is a huge part of keeping your feet healthy. When you look after your skin it can protect you more efficiently from the world outside your body. Don’t panic – there’s nothing to it really, and definitely no chalkboard or powerpoint presentations involved.

Hygenic foot and ankle cleanse:

Standard procedure before any foot treatment.

Basic foot massage & moisturiser:

I do this bit for free because all legs and feet deserve a bit more love sometimes!

Ongoing advice:

There are some treatments you can do for yourself which may be beneficial. You may well have the necessary equipment to do this already, or i can point you in the right direction. 


Documentation of care given, and realistic self-care guidance or recommendations.


We may need to refer you to your GP or other NHS services. I will give you a copy of this information.


I will keep all the information you share with me confidential. 

I will only keep in contact with you if you agree, in line with GDPR.

To ensure your safe and seamless care, I may need to liaise with your Family, Carers or significant others including care workers. I will do this your permission, mutual concordance and/or Best Interests or for Safeguarding but only if required.

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All timings are approximate